Christmas Update 2014

Christmas Update 2014

All the way up the M6 I wondered if anyone would turn up - heartfelt thanks to those who did. The Brait Wilson book The Flying Whip sold out in 30 days and the Christmas book for 2014 Bowman has already sold 80 copies of a 250 print run in 8 days.

We supported The Ullswater Foxhounds, and a trail hound charity out of the profit and gave several books away to raffle for charity

Now it is time for an apology and an explanation. We have always done small print runs for a variety of reasons and advertised them as no re-print. However one of our mission statements was to make the history available to all at a realistic price. We are getting more than a few requests for out-of-print books and to that end in early 2015 will re-print the following:

The Mardale Hunt
Ullswater Part 1
Ullswater Part 2
The Flying Whip

Planned for 2015..............Ullswater Part 3

I apologise to anyone who bought a book thinking it would be an investment because of its scarcity!.

Thank you once again for your support.

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