Christmas 2013

we covered our start up costs in 18 days ... honest!

NEWS: For the newly published Hunting Songs Volume Two (available December 2013) we changed printers and so there's a reduction in costs, most of which will be passed on to you by selling the book at £9.99 inc. postage. As usual there are only 50 copies and I’m delighted to say they will be going very quickly. Reserve a copy today.

The Carlisle Otterhounds, the first 50 years, entitled Deep-Mouthed Music, is due to be published by Skycat in December 2013 and is only available from them.

The second book of the proposed three volumes that will make up The History of The Ullswater Foxhounds (unofficial) is being edited and set up for the printers; we hope to launch either it or The Flying Whip (see below) at Lowther 2014. Again there will only be 50 copies.

The Flying Whip tells the story of Brait Wilson, Ullswater huntsman in the 1930s. Although overshadowed by Bowman, Brait still has a story to tell. Due out 2014 and, yup, you’re right, 50 copies only.

ON THE HARD DRIVE - The Kirkstone Shepherds’ Meet/Troutbeck Mayors’ Hunt and, finally, a likely book of the adventures of Pete, who was originally intended to be a one story character and has now got a growing following both in Europe and the USA.

The Mardale Hunt-A History - copies still available.

Bobby Troughton and the Kendal Otter Hounds a few copies left and now available as an ebook along with The Ullswater Foxhounds: The First 50 Years. Both ebooks are available from most ebook retailers.

Thank you also to the magazines/web sites who printed Ron’s prose: Countryman’s Weekly, Baily's, Hounds, Earth Dog-Running Dog and Foxhunting Life in the USA.

Good reading and our best wishes for 2014
Ron and Wendy

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