Latest Update

Recently we have been joined by Sue Millard and also the Shap Historical Society.

The History of the Lunesdale and Oxenholme Staghounds is sold out and will not be reprinted, however there is an EBOOK version available.

Bobby Troughton and the Kendal Otter Hounds is still available and a review is to follow.

The Mardale Hunt, our biggest seller, is coming to the end of the print run and is due to be re-printed mid / late summer. We heard a copy went for £40 at a hunt auction recently!

The latest book, The History of the Ullswater Foxhounds, which was limited to 50 copies has almost gone and there are no plans for a re-print.

In the pipeline..
- Vol 2 of the Ullswater "epic" (as Tim Bonner described it!), 1915 - 1965. We are 40 thousand of the 60000 words down.

- The Troutbeck Mayor's Hunt and Kirkstone Shepherds' Meet.

- and finally, the "walkers" version of The Mardale Hunt, partly re-written to include, flora, bird life and suggested walks, but the hunting section remains!

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