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STOP PRESS: OMG, Ron tells me we're right out of printed books at the moment, altho' if you message him politely he might be able to find a few lying around somewhere. However, most titles are available as ebooks, the latest ones just uploaded to : Amazon : and : Smashwords : are Bowman and Chappie and should be available very soon from all major ebook retailers.

In 2008, Wendy Fraser and I tentatively launched the Lakeland Hunting Memories website with the aim of making the history of Lakeland Hunting available to all. To our amazement the site became immensely popular and, at time of writing, has achieved over 190000 hits.

From these beginnings came the books and magazine articles. However I grew increasingly frustrated with the attitude of a number of publishers and booksellers; to this end we are launching this web site. Initially it will sell my work, but I am in conversation with other authors whose work I hope to feature.

True to our belief, we will sell our books at realistic prices thus continuing our core aim of making the subject accessible to all. Whilst I publish my printed books, Wendy publishes them as e books that are available from most ebook retailers.

I am a native Lakelander with roots going back to 1700, the 4th generation to follow hounds, with ancestors who stood on the cold tops at dawn, moved the heavy Lakeland stone to free trapped terriers and also 'carried the horn' on occasions. I hope this site is of interest to you. Hunting will not come back in the foreseeable future, perhaps not at all, but for three hundred years hunting and the church were the central thread to many communities. This is a part of the story.

Ron Black, January 2013

Free Download: "Softly Fall The Feet Of Them Along The English Lanes” The Lathom Remount Depot of World War One or as a free ebook from Smashwords and other ebook retailers.

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